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فرستنده و کانورتور(مبدل) تصویر

وایر لس تصویر نیمبوس Nimbus WiMi-6 200


-فرسنده تصویر وایرلس sd.HD

-اتصال به WIfi

-ارسال تصویر زنده به صورت FULL HD

-برد مفید 600 متر face to face

-ساپرت کامل تصویر

-تاخیر زمانی 40ms

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WiMi 6200

Wireless SD/HD/3G-SDI Solution with 600m (1,800 ft) Radio Coverage at Line of Sight The WiMi6200T/R system provides high quality full HD video and audio over Wi-Fi with 40ms of low encoding delay, which can be a used for broadcasting camera. It has easy interface for the selection of vacant frequency on the shooting area. It can support 1:4 multicasting over Wi-Fi, also. The WiMi6200 has wide range of DC power input from 6V ~ 16V for various battery operation. And, it can be directly attable on the back side of video camera through V-mount.

Small Form Factor High-end Solution of the Wireless/Ethernet full HD with 30 Mbit/s of Encoding Rate The WiMi6200T and WiMi6200R provides high quality full HD encoding/decoding function with low latency of 40ms for encoding and decoding, each. It supports wide range of encoding rate from 1Mbps ~ 30Mbps for the high quality video for video broadcasting.

Full HD Real-time Streaming Server over Internet (RTSP/RTP/UDP or MPEG-2 TS/UDP) The WiMi6200T provides RTSP streaming server functionality. So, you can receive full HD video with VLC media player in the PC as well as the receiver, WiMi6200R, simultaneously.

The WiMi6200T also can be used as an real-time MPEG-2 TS/UDP streaming server with linear PCM audio for IPTV network. So, you can receive full HD video with a H/W based H.264 decoder or VLC player in PC. This low cost IPTV encoder solution will help to deliver full HD video to existing DiD TV or digital signage display.

Provides One-to-Many Multicasting Capability with a Low-end L2 switch without High-end Expensive Router It supports one-to-many multicasting function over Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN/IP network. So, there is no restriction on the numbers of receiver in Ethernet LAN/IP networks without expensive L3 router. In case of the Wi-Fi mode, one transmitter can transmit the video up to maximum 4 receivers at the same time without any additional delay

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